Work With Us 

“God Has Called Us To Equip YOU Who Are Building His Kingdom”

We Have 3 Ways to Work With Us At Christian Rocketeers

1. Join the 8 Week Christian Rocketeer Nonprofit Startup Certification Course 

Begins at $3,497+

✓ Complete training and coaching where YOU attract donors building YOUR mindset and confidence to ask for and receive the funding that YOU need.

✓ Proven frameworks for organizing every aspect of YOUR nonprofit so YOU can quickly create an organization that works - even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

✓ Equip you to properly complete all the legal IRS and State paperwork so you are ready to take on larger partnerships and donations.

✓ Clarity on how to share exactly what your nonprofit is and clearly communicate how others can join you in this mission.

✓ Blueprint for successful social media marketing campaigns so that you can jump start donations quickly.

✓ Access to a thriving community so that you can stay empowered even on the hard days. Plug in play templates to do all this work.

✓  Plug in play templates to do all this work.

2. One on One Rocket Your Nonprofit Coaching 

Begins at $3,000 monthly+

When you choose Christian Rocketeers to become part of your nonprofit team, what happens is extraordinary. We're laser-focused on helping you develop a Rocket Your Nonprofit Strategy solving your nonprofit problems, equipping you to raise money, and increase your nonprofit impact.

Each month we'll meet in 4 weekly sessions and help you develop a plan that works. We will work with you to problem solve nonprofit issues that pop up, and much more. 

Training and equipping you to lead your team well raising more money and increasing your Kingdom impact. All of this is done with ease and grace and living in fear and overwhelm. 

Your purchase of our programs and services through Mercy's Light Family helps fight human trafficking and abuse.